Real Estate Regulation in Jaipur: The Case of Lalita Satsangi vs. KR P Industries

Delve into the landmark #realestate regulation case of Lalita Satsangi vs. KR P Industries in Jaipur. Explore the legal implications, precedents set, and its impact on the industry. #LegalCase #Jaipur

Real Estate Regulation in Jaipur: The Case of Lalita Satsangi vs. KR P Industries
Real Estate Regulation in Jaipur: The Case of Lalita Satsangi vs. KR P Industries

Welcome to the world of real estate disputes and regulations in the vibrant city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. In this article, we'll delve into a case brought before the Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) by Lalita Satsangi and others against KR P Industries Limited. We'll explore the intricacies of the case, the challenges faced by the complainants, and the Authority's decision on the matter.

Background of the Case

The case centers around the "Green Aalyam" project, a real estate venture registered under RERA with the ambitious goal of providing dream homes to prospective buyers. The agreement for sale between the parties involved stipulated that possession of the unit would be offered within one year upon casting of the last floor slab.

Initially, the project was slated for completion by December 31, 2020. However, the promoter sought extensions, with the registration validity extended up to November 30, 2022, and another application for an extension up to November 30, 2023, currently under consideration.

Challenges Faced by the Complainant

The complainant, Lalita Satsangi, and others expressed their distress over the non-completion of the "Green Aalyam" project within the agreed time frame. They were deeply concerned about the delays, and their repeated attempts to seek answers from the promoter, KR P Industries Limited, went unanswered.

Frustrated with the lack of progress, the complainant sought multiple remedies, including a complete refund of the amount paid for the flat, reimbursement of EMI payments made, compensation for the mental and financial distress caused, and penalty proceedings against the respondent for violations.

Jurisdictional Issue and Complaint Status

A pertinent issue in this case was the maintainability of the complaint based on its initial filing in form "O." However, upon examination by the Authority, the defects in the complaint were rectified, and the complaint was allowed to proceed.

The complainant's concerns over jurisdiction were addressed by the Authority, which clarified its competency to adjudicate on the matter. The case was given a green light to move forward.

Project Status and Delivery Date

As per the latest information available, the "Green Aalyam" project is still under construction and has not reached its completion stage as of the estimated deadline. The complainant rightfully asserted their entitlement to seek a refund since the project did not meet the agreed-upon delivery date or the date reported before the Authority for completion.

Precedents and Rulings

Throughout its tenure, the Authority has dealt with cases related to project timelines and possession in the real estate sector. Past decisions have emphasized the sanctity of the agreement for sale and the significance of adhering to delivery timelines.

In this context, the complainant cited relevant judgments from higher courts that supported their claim for a refund, further strengthening their case before the Authority.

Authority's Decision and Rationale

After careful consideration of the facts and arguments presented by both parties, the Authority reached a crucial decision. They accepted the completion date reported by the promoter during the project's registration, which stood at December 31, 2020.

Acknowledging the promoter's failure to complete the project and the subsequent extension sought, the Authority ruled in favor of the complainant. They directed KR P Industries Limited to refund the deposited amount along with interest.

Remedies and Next Steps

Although the Authority has the jurisdiction to impose interest for delayed delivery, it advised the complainant to seek separate compensation for the delay in possession before the Adjudicating Officer.

The complainant was provided with valuable guidance on the appropriate steps to take in pursuit of compensation, ensuring they receive due restitution for the hardship caused by the delayed possession of their dream homes.


In conclusion, the case involving Lalita Satsangi and KR P Industries Limited serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to project timelines and agreements in the real estate sector. The Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority has shown its commitment to ensuring justice in real estate matters and providing relief to aggrieved homebuyers.

As the real estate industry continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial for all stakeholders to uphold their commitments and work together to create a transparent and reliable environment for buyers and sellers alike. Through robust regulations and fair adjudications, RERA aims to foster trust and confidence in the real estate market, making homeownership dreams a reality for all.

Note: The information provided in this article about Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RRERA) is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as legal or professional advice and readers should consult qualified professionals for advice specific to their circumstances. The information provided in this article is based on the Comp. No. RAJ-RERA-C-2021-4475 before the Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority

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