Prabhat Parivar Apartment: A new MahaRERA registered project in Nashik

Prabhat Parivar Apartment: A new MahaRERA registered project in Nashik
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Project Overview:

Prabhat Parivar Apartment is a residential project developed by Prabhat Developers in Nashik. The project, which is expected to be completed by December 2026, is a MahaRERA registered project with the RERA ID P51600047365.

Developer History:

Prabhat Developers is a real estate company that has completed several residential projects in the past. Some of their notable projects include Prabhat Gaurav Apartment, Prabhat Prestige Apartment, and Prabhat Vandan Apartment.

Prabhat Gaurav Apartment, a residential development located in Jadhav Colony, Nashik, was completed in 2017 with 32 apartments spread across one building on a land area of 1320 square meters.

Prabhat Prestige Apartment, another residential project located in Ganesh Nagar, Nashik, was completed in 2018 with 20 apartments spread across one building on a land area of 730 square meters.

Prabhat Vandan Apartment, located behind Dream Castle in Nashik, was completed in 2020 with 35 apartments spread across one building on a land area of 1058.99 square meters. All of these projects were completed ahead of their original proposed completion dates.

Location Insights:

The Prabhat Parivar Apartment project is located in the Panchvati locality of Nashik district in the state of Maharashtra. Nashik is a city located in the northwest region of Maharashtra and is known for its historical, cultural, and religious significance. The city is also known for its grape and wine production, making it a popular destination for wine tourists.

Panchvati, where the MahaRERA registered project is located, is a popular residential area in Nashik known for its serene and peaceful atmosphere. The area is well-connected to other parts of the city and has good infrastructure in terms of roads, public transportation, and other amenities.

Promoter Details:

It is being promoted by Prabhat Developers, a real estate company based in Nashik. The company is managed by three individuals, Damayanti Amrutlal Patel, Amrutlal Shivji Patel, and Nayan Amrutlal Vasani, who hold the positions of Partner, Authorized Signatory, and Partner, respectively.

Technical Details:

As per MahaRERA, the Prabhat Parivar Apartment project is located on plot number 9+10 and is bounded by the Waghadi River to the east, a 9-meter road to the west, a 30-meter road to the north, and Survey No 158 to the south. It involves the construction of one building or wing, with a total sanctioned FSI of  5082.08 square meters. There is no recreational open space as per the approved plan.

Building Details:

Prabhat Parivar Apartment is a residential building with a total plot or project area of 1347.69 square meters. The building has a total of one plinth, no podiums, one stilt, and nine sanctioned floors, including one basement. The structure has a total of 52 open parking spaces and 118 covered parking spaces for the convenience of its residents and visitors.

This MahaRERA registered project offers 6 showrooms, 28 2BHK and 26 3BHK apartments of varied carpet areas.

(For more details on these measurements please see the section below)

Sr.No. Apartment Type Carpet Area (in Sqmts) Number of Apartment
1 Showroom 73.04 1
2 Showroom 58.71 2
3 Showroom 37.36 2
4 Showroom 70.46 1
5 2BHK 53.05 21
6 2BHK 55.60 7
7 3BHK 77.83 22
8 3BHK 81.87 4

Facilities and Amenities:

It is built with a focus on sustainability and safety in mind. It includes water conservation and rainwater harvesting facilities, as well as fire protection and safety measures. It also includes an electrical metre room, sub-station, and receiving station to ensure consistent power supply.

The project also includes water supply and sewage management provisions, such as chamber lines, septic tanks, and STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants). Furthermore, the development includes community buildings for residents' use, as well as measures for the treatment and disposal of sewage and sullage water.

Team of Experts:

It is being developed by a team of professionals with expertise in various fields. The team includes a contractor, an architect, an engineer, a chartered accountant, and other professionals from SNS Rera Consultants. Rasik Patel is the contractor, responsible for overseeing the construction and ensuring that it is completed according to the agreed-upon plans and specifications.

Darshan Sancheti is the architect, responsible for designing the building and ensuring that it meets the necessary codes and regulations. Shailesh Dhumne is the engineer, responsible for ensuring that the building is structurally sound and meets the necessary safety requirements.

Nirav Shah is the chartered accountant, responsible for handling the financial aspects of the project. SNS Rera Consultants is a firm of other professionals that is providing various professional services for the project.

Litigation Status:

There are no litigation records or lawsuits associated with this development.

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