Nexgen Infracon Private Limited Faces Backlash as Buyers Demand Delivery of Promised Residential Units

Nexgen Infracon Private Limited is under fire as buyers demand the delivery of promised residential units. Find out more about this ongoing dispute and its impact on the real estate market. #NexgenInfracon #DelayedPossession #Homebuyers #RealEstateDispute

Nexgen Infracon Private Limited Faces Backlash as Buyers Demand Delivery of Promised Residential Units
Nexgen Infracon Private Limited Faces Backlash as Buyers Demand Delivery of Promised Residential Units

Nexgen Infracon Private Limited, a renowned real estate developer, is currently facing a significant backlash as numerous buyers express their frustration and demand the delivery of promised residential units. The situation has escalated to the point where legal proceedings have been initiated, shining a spotlight on the company's practices and raising concerns among prospective homebuyers.

Unfulfilled Promises and Delayed Possession

Numerous buyers who had invested their hard-earned money in Nexgen Infracon's residential projects, such as the XYZ Apartments and ABC Villas, have been left in a state of distress and uncertainty due to unfulfilled promises and delayed possession. Many buyers entered into purchase agreements several years ago, expecting to receive possession of their dream homes within the specified timeframe. However, these promises have not materialized, leaving buyers in a state of limbo and financial strain.

Allegations of Breach of Promised Specifications

Alongside the issue of delayed possession, buyers have also raised allegations of a breach of promised specifications by Nexgen Infracon. According to the agreement signed with buyers, the residential units were supposed to meet specific quality standards and feature certain amenities. However, upon inspection, buyers have discovered deviations from the promised specifications, including substandard construction materials, poor workmanship, and the absence of promised facilities. This has further fueled dissatisfaction and fueled the demand for resolution.

In response to the unmet promises and alleged breaches, affected buyers have taken legal recourse to seek justice. Multiple consumer complaints have been filed against Nexgen Infracon, highlighting the grievances faced by the homebuyers. The complaints detail the financial and emotional stress endured by buyers as a result of the company's failure to deliver on its commitments. The case has been registered under [Case Number XYZ] in the [relevant court/authority].

Developer's Response and Counterclaims

Nexgen Infracon has responded to the mounting complaints by asserting that the delay and deviations in promised specifications were a result of unforeseen circumstances and external factors beyond their control, such as regulatory approvals and supply chain disruptions. The developer has expressed its commitment to resolving the issues promptly and ensuring the delivery of the promised residential units. Furthermore, Nexgen Infracon has raised counterclaims, alleging non-compliance with payment schedules and failure to provide necessary documentation by some buyers.

Impact on Buyers and the Real Estate Market

The prolonged delay and the uncertainty surrounding the possession of their homes have taken a toll on the affected buyers. Many have been forced to continue paying rent or alternative accommodation costs while also servicing their home loan EMIs. The financial strain and mental agony endured by these buyers have highlighted the need for stronger consumer protection measures in the real estate sector. Furthermore, this incident has cast a shadow on the reputation of Nexgen Infracon and may impact the confidence of potential homebuyers in the market.


The growing discontent among buyers of Nexgen Infracon's residential projects underscores the importance of transparent and ethical practices in the real estate industry. The delayed possession, alleged breaches of promised specifications, and subsequent legal proceedings have left many buyers frustrated and financially burdened. It is crucial for developers and regulatory authorities to ensure timely completion of projects, adhere to promised specifications, and provide effective avenues for redressal in the event of disputes. Only through such measures can the faith and trust of homebuyers be restored in the real estate sector.

Note: Please note that the information provided in this article about the complaint filed in the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) is for educational purposes only. The complaint number for reference is CONSUMER CASE NO. 1150 OF 2019

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