AURA SKY TOWER, a commercial project coming up in Nashik.

AURA SKY TOWER, a commercial project coming up in Nashik.
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AURA SKY TOWER is a new and upcoming commercial project by RAVINDRA DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED with a RERA certification ID: P51600047853 and approved by Maharashtra Real Estate Authority on 29th November 2022. The commercial building is getting developed in Kulkarni Garden, Nashik.

The RERA-approved completion date for the project is 31/12/2025.

Location Insights:-

Nashik is a historically holy city in the Indian state of Maharashtra.It is well-known for its similarities to the poetry "Ramayana." Panchavati is a temple complex on the Godavari River.

The traffic situation is good, the distance to drive for work or study is short, the weather is nice, and the municipal condition is decent. Despite growing levels of pollution, it is a far cleaner metropolis than many others.

Promoters Details:-

The Aura Sky Tower is promoted by Ravindra Developers Private Limited. The members involved are Ravindra Sudam Patil, who is the authorised signatory for the venture, and Shubham Ravindra Patil, Ravindra Sudam Patil are appointed as partner's representative for the project.

Land Owner/Investor:-

According to MahaRERA data, Yogesh Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd is the landowner/Investor for Aura Sky Tower.

Promoter(Land Owner/ Investor) Type Type of Agreement/ Arrangement
Yogesh Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd Societies

Technical details as per MahaRERA for the project:-

The development's plot survey number is Plot No 07, S.NO 649/A/1/1B, Final No318 TPS- II, Nashik Shivar, Nashik, the east border is Plot NO 06 TPS 2 Final Plot No 317, the west boundary is Plot NO 08 TPS 2 Final Plot No 3 9, the south boundary is Survey No 647, and the north boundary is Colony Road and Kulkarni Garden.

The total number of wings suggested by the developer in the layout/plots is one, and they have gained approval for that one wing, which was applied for MahaRERA Registration. The MCGM has not yet been approved. The total project/plot area is around 2323.57 sqmts.

According to MahaRERA's authorised projects list, there is no provision for recreational open space. The plot's total permissible build-up area is about 3083.21 sqmts, while the total area sanctioned for building under MahaRERA is also 3083.21 sqmts.

Building details of the project:-

According to RERA, Aura Sky Tower has received approval for 8 floors, and one plinth. There is no podium available and 134 open parking lots. The developer proposed a total of 104 covered parking spaces.

The Aura Sky Tower solely has business areas. The building has retail and office spaces with various carpet surfaces. The carpet area for stores ranges from (90.64 - 143.54 sqmts) while the carpet area for offices ranges from (32.46 - 88.03sqmts)

The information provided below contains specific details on the project units approved by MahaRERA:-

Sr.No. Apartment Type Carpet Area (inSqmts) Number of Apartment Total
1 Shop 90.64 1 90.64
2 Shop 143.54 1 143.54
3 Office space 32.46 6 194.76
4 Office space 33.79 6 202.74
5 Office space 34.33 1 34.33
6 Office space 36.58 7 256.06
7 Office space 36.9 6 221.4
8 Office space 41.47 7 290.29
9 Shop 130.07 1 130.07
10 Office space 64.16 6 384.96
11 Office space 64.88 1 64.88
12 Office space 88.03 1 88.03

Current work status of the project as per MahaRERA:-

The project work has not been started yet as per RERA Updates.

Facilities and amenities:-

The project includes amenities such as Water Conservation, Energy management, Electrical Meter Room, Sub-Station, Receiving Station, Open Parking, Water Supply, Sewerage (Chamber, Lines, Septic Tank, STP), Landscaping & Tree Planting and street lighting.

Experts working on the project:-

Mr Rama kapadne, Ar. Sagar A. Kabre,Er. Sachin Bagul,Rohan S Patil and Mr. Mahendra Wagh are the experts which are currently working on the project as per the information displayed on the MahaRERA site on the 29th of November 2022.

Litigation Details:-

There are currently no litigation records in this project.

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RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority and is the Government body for regulating Real Estate Developers and Agents (Brokers) It came into existence in 2016 and aims to protect the interest of property buyers. Every under-construction property must obtain RERA certificate and disclose a completion date before selling units to property buyers/investors. In India, each state has its own laws governing real estate. MahaRERA is the regulatory body for Maharashtra (Maharashtra Real Estate Regulation & Development Authority)

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