MahaRERA Registered Project: Overview of "Osian One and Only" in Mundhawa, Pune.

MahaRERA Registered Project: Overview of "Osian One and Only" in Mundhawa, Pune.
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Osian One and Only is a residential development in Mundhawa, Pune, promoted by AHURA BUILDERS. This Maharera registered project is scheduled to be completed by December 31, 2026, and it is registered with RERA under the registration ID P52100047246.

Location Insights:

Osian One and Only, is located in the Mundhawa locality of Pune district in the state of Maharashtra. Pune is a major city in western India and is known for its cultural, historical, and educational significance. It is also a major hub for the IT industry, with a number of major companies having a presence in the city. Mundhawa is a residential area in the north-western part of Pune, located on the banks of the Mula-Mutha river.

It is well-connected to the rest of the city via a network of roads and public transport making it a hub for maharera registered projects. There are a number of schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other amenities in the vicinity. The area has seen significant real estate development in recent years, making it a popular choice for homebuyers and investors. Overall, the location of the development offers a combination of convenience and quality of life, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to purchase a home in Pune.

Promoter and Member Details:

The Members for the Osian One and Only are Pankaj Dalichand Vohra, Rukaiya Parvez Inamdar, Nilesh pankaj vohra, Kirtikumar dharmachand oswal, Parvez Peerpasha Inamdar, Peerpasha Huseni, and Abdulrazak Inamdar. Nilesh pankaj vohra is the Authorized Signatory while all others are partners of the organization.

Land Owners:

Osian One and Only has a number of individual land owners, including Kishor Vitthal Dharwadkar, Eknath Balu Khedekar, Shivappa S Asanggihal, Bhimsha Bagappa Dorigol, Jafar Abdul Kadar Khan, Yasmin A Kadar Khan, Alim A Kadar Khan, Reshma Mohammad Ashraf Khan, Muzmil Mohammad Ashraf Khan, Mast. Mohammad Kaif Mohammad Ashraf Khan, Dharmanna Kumbhar, Shankar T Kumbhar, Sudharkar T Kamble, Bhimappa Vainkappa Krushnapanwar, Vaijnath Kumbhar, Shivappa Nashi, Tej Narayan Pande, Shaikh Naemunissa Munwar, and Shaikh Yasmeen Issa. All of these land owners have entered into revenue share agreements with the project.

Technical Details:

This mahaRERA registered project is situated on plot C.T.S. No. 1552/4, with boundaries to the east at survey no. 86, to the west at survey no. 85 Hissa 2, to the north at Mundhwa Road, and to the south at Garden Reservation. It consists of a single proposed building or wing that has been approved by the authorities. According to the approved plan, the total recreational open space is 660.67 sqmts. The MCGM is yet to approve the project plan. The plot's proposed total FSI (Floor Space Index) is 7921.67 sqmts, out of which 5290.84 sqmts has been sanctioned.

Apartment Details:

Osian One and Only is a residential development comprising a single building. The total plot area is 723.5 sqmts. The building has 1 plinth, 2 podiums, 1 stilt, and 8 sanctioned floors. There are 2 basements in the building, as well as 48 covered parking spaces but no open parking spaces.

This maharera registered project includes a total of 32 apartments, comprising 15 3BHK units with a carpet area of 116.23 sqmts, 16 4BHK units with a carpet area of 142.67 sqmts, and 1 2BHK unit with a carpet area of 94.28 sqmts.


It includes a range of facilities and amenities such as internal roads and footpaths, water conservation and rainwater harvesting systems, fire protection and fire safety measures, electrical meter rooms, sub-stations, and receiving stations. It also has an aggregate area of recreational open space, open parking facilities, and sewerage systems including chambers, lines, septic tanks, and STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants). Storm water drains, landscaping and tree planting, street lighting, and community buildings are also part of this rera approved project. In addition, the project includes provisions for the treatment and disposal of sewage and sullage water, as well as solid waste management and disposal.

Experts Working on the Project:

This RERA approved project is being developed with the expertise of a team of professionals, including an architect, engineer, and chartered accountant. Imran Shaikh is responsible for the architectural design, while Satish Manvi is handling the engineering aspects. Dilip Jain and Associates are providing chartered accountant services for the project.

Litigation Status:

There are currently no litigation records for this project.

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RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority and is the Government body for regulating Real Estate Developers and Agents (Brokers) It came into existence in 2016 and aims to protect the interest of property buyers. Every under-construction property must obtain RERA certificate and disclose a completion date before selling units to property buyers/investors. In India, each state has its own laws governing real estate. MahaRERA is the regulatory body for Maharashtra (Maharashtra Real Estate Regulation & Development Authority)

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